Wet Pack Drum Filler

Maximize Fluid Fill Efficiency

Optimal bulk filling of juices, purees, and in-process wet ingredients is right here!  The filling nozzle of our 55-gallon drum filler can automatically fill up to four drums on a single pallet. No more moving messy hoses from drum to drum, which removes the human sanitation element entirely and protects the purity of your product. 

Andgar's fluid drum filler comes equipped with an easy to operate touch-screen system. Pallets run along a custom conveyor, reducing drum load and changeout time losses.

Wet Pack Drum Filler Web Render

The right options for your needs

Robust technology fueled by reliable mechanical operation makes Andgar's fillers and excellent choice for product packaging versatility, efficiency, and accuracy.

  • Fills up to 55-gallon drums on pallets without the need to move or unload
  • Optional pail or bucket filler add-on
  • Limits human contact with food product
  • Automated scales weigh drums to eliminate spillage and overfilling.
  • Food-grade stainless steel construction, built to minimize cleaning costs, and withstand vigorous cleaning schedules.