Rock Trap

Maximize the Value of Your Product

Andgar’s self-cleaning Rock Traps provide sanitary rock removal and have an integrated, adjustable dewatering conveyor.  Our rock traps can be integrated with our Blower Drier to give you the clean and dry ready-to-package or freeze product you need to maximize the the value of every box and package you fill.

Water is pumped up through the back chamber and conveys product over adjustable channels. Rocks and other debris sinks to the bottom of the channels for easy removal. Water flows out through a side discharge filter, before being recirculated. Filter sieve screen is easily accessible for maintenance cleaning.

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The right options for your needs

  • Built with food-grade stainless steel construction to minimize cleaning costs and maintenance
  • Pivoting flumes for greater rock and debris separation from product
  • Optional spray bars for fresh or sanitizing water rinse
  • Can be custom fit to your existing production line
  • Proven in processing facilities across North America for peak efficiency and performance
  • Integrated adjustable dewatering conveyor
  • Blower Dryer can be added to Rock Trap unit if more dewatering is needed after conveyor
  • Choice of leveling feet or locking casters