Flat & Lug Dumpers

Maximum Throughput & Efficiency

Andgar's patented lug and flat dumpers are used around the world in the most demanding environments, maximizing the performance of sorters and IQF tunnels daily. 

Andgar's engineers spent years perfecting our designs to minimize drops. Programmable dumping speeds combined with smart engineering make our dumpers the most gentle yet efficient machines on the market.

Patented Dumper with Crane & Cradle

The right options for your needs

Andgar takes pride in our ability to make quality equipment fit the needs of our food processing and packaging customers. The flexibility in design and build qualities of our Patented Flat & Lug Dumpers is unparalleled, and can automatically increase the product flow-through efficiency of your production line.

  • Infeed conveyor for staging 3 stacks of flats or lugs
  • Andgar Crane provides airlift for Stack Handling Cradle
  • Touch screen controls for easy menu changes and data analysis
  • Optional hopper available for metering product flow
  • Variable speed dumping arms on every dumper allows for gentle product delivery
  • International power supply options are available