Packaging Filler

Maximize Packaging Fill Efficiency


Andgar's container & clamshell filler claims the top spot for small product filling needs. Everything from sliced mushrooms to fresh blueberries can be packaged from this extraordinarily efficient fill line.  

Extend and increase the value of your packaged product while achieving rapid throughput gains with Andgar's automated package filling equipment for fruit, vegetable, and other food products.

10-Head Packaging Filler Web Render

The right options for your needs

Robust technology fueled by reliable mechanical operation makes Andgar's fillers and excellent choice for product packaging versatility, efficiency, and accuracy.

  • Touch screen technology for easy feeder head control and adjustment

  • Real-time production data that can be accessed online and anywhere

  • Increased container weight consistency using digital indicators above feeder heads

  • Built with easy to clean, sanitary stainless steel

  • Configurable by filler head count,  and customization to accommodate facility size and space can always be discussed