Maximize the Efficiency of Your Throughput

Give your food product a smooth, secure, and sanitary ride on one of Andgar's custom designed food-grade conveyors, made specifically to meet the needs of food processing facilities of all shapes and sizes. Andgar is able to create conveyors for connecting dewatering, metal detectors, any equipment transfers, lifts, and many other uses which optimize speed and delivery of product along your processing line.

Volta's Thermoplastic belts control bruising and treat delicate fruit and berries with care. Volta's special low-temperature material makes them ideal for IQF and other frozen food processing lines.

Various Conveyors Web Renders

The right options for your needs

Maximize the throughput of your harvest as it makes its way to fresh pack, quick freeze, or repack markets.

  • Consistent product flow 
  • Customizable to any production line shape and size
  • Premium Volta Belting, or modular-style belting available
  • Food-Grade stainless steel construction to minimize cleaning costs and maintenance
  • No links, hinges or crevices to grow bacteria