The process improvement equipment you need, and top-notch integration support to smoothly fit your purchase into your facility.

From single-function additions to your processing line, to fully customized complete processing lines for your new or existing facility. Our engineering, design, manufacturing, and installation expertise has you covered.




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If you have ideas of what you might need that we already make, take a look at our product listings here. Keep in mind, we can do custom work to achieve the right function and fit for your facility.

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Equipment Platform by Andgar Food Processing Equipment
Custom Catwalk by Andgar Food Processing Equipment
Equipment Platform 2 by Andgar Food Processing Equipment

Powerful Platforms

Food Processing Operation Systems, Platforms, and Catwalks

Sometimes, its not about a single piece of equipment.  Sometimes, the equipment you have needs structure, and better flow.  Sometimes, configuring your equipment on platforms and using catwalks to efficiently fit the space you are in makes all the difference. Or maybe you're about to move into a brand new facility and want to leverage the equipment you have with the chance to integrate more automation and maximize throughput.
Hands on experience, and expertise in operational assessments make the Andgar Food Processing Equipment team your best choice. Talk to us when you need consultation, design, manufacture, and installation of custom equipment platforms, personnel catwalk platforms, or integrated whole-line processing systems. 
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