Palletizing Robot

Maximize Finished Product Efficiency

Andgar's Palletizing Robot keeps your completed product on track to shipment or storage. If labor shortages are backing up your operations, our palletizer can help. 

Our Kawasaki robot can perform an industry-leading 2,050 cycles per hour with a nearly 300-pound payload.  It can create pallet stacks over 10 feet tall and reach over incoming and outgoing production lines with a 7 foot horizontal range.  Its 5-axis design can be floor or ceiling mounted and has 180 degrees of motion/freedom.

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The right options for your needs

Andgar takes pride in our ability to make quality equipment fit the needs of our food processing and packaging customers. We can create a custom mounted or movable palletizing robot solution to fit your factory's footprint.

  • In-house programming and integration expertise
  • Development of customized tooling to integrate robot into existing processing line operations as needed
  • Adjustable box size and pallet configurations
  • Safety gains from automation of physically-demanding tasks
  • Vertical reach ideal for multi-lane configurations
  • Suitable for tall pallet stacks
  • 24/7 Customer/Technician Service

Systematically stack full, tall pallets of finished product, eliminating the most physically demanding part of this back-end labor process, while ensuring a smooth, efficient flow of processed product out of your facility.