Automatic Flat Stacker

Continual Product Flow

Andgar's flat washer, drier, stacker system has proven to be a most efficient way to manage and optimize the flow of flats through food processing facilities.

As a better alternative to hand-stacking wet flats, our stacker automatically stacks clean flats from the top down, using a positive stacking mechanism to prevent minor abnormalities or warping of the flats. Using the stackers own crane & cradle stack handler add-on, flat stacks are easily slid onto a pallet and quickly moved out of your processing facility.

The quality stainless steel frame, reliable mechanisms and programmable controller of the automatic flat stacker are a seamless part of the Andgar Lug/Flat  integrated Dumper, Washer, Drier, Stacker System.


Flat Stacker Web Render

The right options for your needs

Andgar takes pride in our ability to make quality equipment fit the needs of our food processing and packaging customers.

Andgar's automatic flat stacker was initially designed for blueberry and blackberry harvest season flats, and has been custom adapted to many other products.

  • Proven peak efficiency and performance in processing facilities across North America.
  • Simple, programmable logic controller for reliability assessments and data feedback
  • Customizable to stack height and flat size.
  • Quality stainless steel frame and reliable mechanisms increase uptime between scheduled cleaning and maintenance