Blower Cleaners

Maximize The Value of Your Throughput 

Andgar's development team has grown up finding solutions for the exceptional raspberry and blueberry fields in our Pacific Northwest backyard. 

Andgar's blower cleaner allows product to flow through your facility with a higher standard of hygiene from our drop-through single-blower style or dual blower system, while any debris, sticks, or leaves get left behind. Customers have also found great success using Andgar's blower cleaner to process nuts.


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The right options for your needs

Protect the value of your crop as it makes its way to fresh pack, quick freeze, or repack markets.

  • Built with easy to clean, food-grade stainless steel to withstand today's vigorous cleaning schedules.
  • Adjustable height in-feed hopper and belting to integrate into any processing line
  • Drop-through, single blower system made with Volta belting for improved belt hygiene 
  • Dual blower system made with modular belting for heartier product

Debris takes a back seat to clean berries to maintain a smooth, efficient flow of product through your facility.


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