Flat & Lug Washer

Maximum Flat & Lug Recirculation Efficiency

Once your flats and lugs have delivered their fruit, they need to be sanitized quickly and thoroughly with limited human contact. Andgar's powerful and adaptable automatic washer was built with your facility in mind.

Our washer can keep up with your marathon pace without having to be turned off or have water tank changes. With up to 40 adjustable nozzles, our washer can accommodate any size flat or lug and is fit-adaptable to any sized processing facility. 

Flat Lug Washer Web Render

The right options for your needs

Andgar takes pride in our ability to make quality equipment fit the needs of our food processing and packaging customers. Andar's washer, dryer, stacker system is also available as a complete unit. 

  • Consistent flow of sanitized flats and lugs for rapid reuse

  • 40 Adjustable Spray Nozzles with easy clean-out

  • Optional Dual Screen Water Filtration System for Longer Continuous Operations

  • Includes Sanitation Chamber and the option to add a Drying Chamber

  • Single or Dual Chamber Models

  • 180 Gallon Recirculation Tank

  • Easy-Open hood for quick maintenance access

  • Proven peak efficiency and performance in processing facilities across North America.