Box Filler

Maximize Pack Out Efficiency

Andgar's advanced automated box fillers are the perfect compliment to your company name printed on every box of product you ship or store.

And really, this versatile filler (though it's built perfectly for frozen berries) isn't limited to small fruit and vegetable processing! Andgar's box fillers are capable of adapting to any small product box fill needs, including pet food, crackers, and more.

Your need for speed and accuracy has encouraged our design and fabrication team to make each unit individually configurable with multiple (1-5) heads to meet your production line needs. Each unit comes equipped with real-time production data and box weight monitoring and reporting.

Box Fillers Web Renders

The right options for your needs

Robust technology fueled by reliable mechanical operation makes Andgar's fillers and excellent choice for product packaging versatility, efficiency, and accuracy.

  • Choose between 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 filler heads 
  • Real-time production data that can be accessed online from anywhere
  • Easy to control feeder heads using touch screen adjustment
  • Food-grade stainless steel construction, built to minimize cleaning costs, and withstand vigorous cleaning schedules
  • Box weight consistency improvement from digital feeder head indicators
  • Choose from shaker-style or belt-driven feeder heads
  • Configurable by filler head count,  and customization to accommodate facility size and space can always be discussed