Rotary Drum Destemmer

Maximize The Value of Your Throughput

Andgar's rotary drum destemmer is highly effective at removing the stems from frozen blueberries.  This unit can be located at either the outlet of an IQF tunnel or integrated as part of a repack operation.  It is configurable in multiple lengths to accommodate the size and shape of your facility.

Andgar's destemmer, is incredibly accurate , while still gentle in operation. It removes stems, ice crystals, and debris up to 10,000 lbs. of fruit per hour.

Rotary Drum Destemmers Web Renders

The right options for your needs

Maximize and protect the value of your small fruit or other product as it makes its way through packaging and to market.

  • Increased Value of Product Flowing to Packaging Line
  • Proven in processing facilities across North America for peak efficiency and performance
  • VFD available for rotational speed control
  • Heavy duty hydraulic ram for adjustable angling
  • Optional "Cluster Buster" for thorough destemming of hard to separate product 
  • Woven wire mesh screen with flights
  • Supplied with forklift pockets and optional casters
  • Custom configurations available to meet specific product and facility needs


Destemmer Close Up by Andgar Food Processing Equipment