You need efficiency., safety., reliability., growth.

We meet that need. Andgar designs and manufactures equipment that solves food processing industry challenges. AND we cultivate strong partnerships with businesses like yours.

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Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest

& Ships Anywhere

Our knowledge base began in the worlds best raspberry fields. Our community was the absolute best learning and proving grounds for food processing solutions. Now we apply our experience across agricultural boundaries, to address the needs of farmers and food processors everywhere.

From Chile to Canada, Oregon to Poland, we listen to your needs, and build equipment that adapts with the changing agricultural demands of the world. We are passionate about your success, all to continue to support the noble effort of bringing food to households across the globe.

  • Personalized Needs Assessment
  • World Class Metal Fabrication
  • Post-Sale Partnerships
  • And much much more...
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Types of foods facilities that use Andgar Food Processing Equipment
Andgar Food Processing Equipment Partners Enfield Farms
Andgar's been a great company to work with over the 30 years of our relationship, because of the great people. They do a great job; high quality work. They're big enough to get large jobs done, but small enough to listen to our input.
Andy Enfield
Vice President
Andgar Food Processing Equipment Partner Curt Mayberry Farm
Producing a combined 10-15 million pounds of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries each year means we have a limited amount of time to get the fruit through the system. Having efficient equipment definitely protects the reputation of the farm. We chose Andgar to build the equipment we have. We have a long working relationship with them, and they're a great local company. They make very high quality equipment and work with us to fit the needs of our facility.
Matt Mayberry
1 min read

Supporting Blueberry Growth Worldwide

It is incredibly exciting to see this new report from the USDA, brought to us via the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council!

2 min read

Automation Considerations

Automation Considerations

In this new world of pandemic-affected work force challenges, the food processing and packaging...

3 min read

Farmer Success with Fresh & IQF Processing Facilities


Farmers have long known the value of maximizing a fruit or vegetable harvest by focusing on processing and packaging...