Andgar meets your needs with innovative food processing equipment solutions.

Andgar Food Processing Equipment designs and manufactures equipment that solves food processing industry challenges - AND - we cultivate strong partnerships with businesses like yours.

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Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest - Shipping Globally

Our food processing equipment knowledge began in the worlds best raspberry fields. Our community was the absolute best learning and proving grounds for food processing solutions. Now we apply our experience across agricultural boundaries, to address the needs of farmers and food processors across the United States and around the world.

From Chile to Canada, Oregon to Poland, we listen to your needs, and build equipment that adapts with the changing agricultural demands of the world. Andgar Food Processing Equipment's dedicated team is passionate about your success, all to continue to support the noble effort of bringing food to households across the globe.

You can count on Andgar for:

  • Personalized Needs Assessments
  • World-Class Metal Fabrication
  • Post-Sale Partnerships
  • And much more!
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